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WordPress Website Maintenance Packages

WebsiteSteward’s WordPress experts manage, protect, and improve your website.
Basic care for blogs and smaller-sized websites.
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Enhanced care for most medium-sized website.
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Advanced care and personalized service.
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30-Day Money-back Guarantee

Take any of our support plans for a 30-day test drive. If we’re not a fit for your organization, we’ll give you your money back. Period.

Website Maintenance Packages for Nonprofits

Is your website critical to your organization’s success? A good website can generate new leads, attract donors or customers, and engage your users. As a fundamental component of your nonprofit or business, you want peace of mind that your website will be up and available 24/7 without interruption. Keeping your website up to date, backed up, secure, and monitored is time-consuming. These routine tasks distract you from what you really should be doing – running your organization!

Our website care plans can keep your website up and running and open for business. We will perform all the required maintenance, monitor your website, get notified if any problems arise, and perform a variety of tasks every month. We know the WordPress CMS platform, and we’ve been using it ourselves for over 15 years. In fact, all of our websites (including this one) are built on the same software.

We can take your WordPress website…


Slow load time for website visitors
Multiple security alerts and updates
Missing software updates and functionality
Decreasing organic website traffic
Unresponsive or buggy e-commerce website
Unreliable WordPress developers


Super-fast WordPress website
Fully secured, monitored, and backed up website
Theme, plugins, and core software is up-to-date
More organic website traffic and engagement
Mobile-friendly and optimized e-commerce website
Professional WordPress development support

How It Works

1. Choose

Select a package that’s best for your website and budget.

2. Access

We will guide you on how to securely give us website access.

3. Start

We get started with a comprehensive website audit and report.

4. Relax

You can feel good knowing we are caring for your site 24/7.

Want peace of mind for one of your
nonprofit’s most important assets?

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What’s included in our website care plans?

Content Edits

The primary reason for updating content and features of your website is to keep it fresh at all times. With WebsiteSteward on your team, we will ensure proper implementation of changes and updates in a timely manner and seek approvals prior to publishing content live to your website. We are here to work for you, to your specifications. We take pride in listening to our clients’ needs and fulfilling them accurately and in a timely fashion.

Cloud Backups

Protect your websites with a backup that will serve you reliably and consistently. Backup is the cornerstone of our WordPress website management. If an update fails or your website crashes, it’s imperative to have an up-to-date backup of your website. WebsiteSteward takes the load off your mind by running scheduled backups and making sure that up-to-date backup is always ready. And our backups are incremental and run off site.

Managed Updates, Plugins, & Themes

We perform regular WordPress core updates to ensure that you have the latest version. This keeps your site secure and running smoothly. Managing plugins and themes is a big time-eater! Going through all of your websites to check what needs updating or installing will consume precious hours. We can manage your plugin and theme updates. To improve performance and security on your website, we also monitor your plugins and themes to ensure they are compatible.

Security & Malware Monitor

The worst thing about malware is that it could be on your website for months without you even noticing. You need to be vigilant, proactive, and check regularly for malware and known vulnerabilities. That’s where our Security Check comes in. The Security Check makes it easy for you to ensure that all of your sites are clean, and if any files become infected, you will be able to spot them on time. In one click you can scan websites and receive valuable security information as well as have an overview of all the past security scans. Stop being in the dark when it comes to your security.

24/7 Uptime Monitor

We keep an eye on your websites for you and send you an instant notification when your website goes down, so you can get it back online before anyone else notices. Our Uptime Monitor saves you time worrying about what websites are up by instantaneously notifying you if a website goes down, giving you a chance to fix the problem before it becomes serious. When your WordPress website is down, you’re losing visitors and, with that, revenue. Uptime Monitor makes sure that this doesn’t happen to you.

Performance Monitor

A slow website will hurt your business a lot. That’s why you need to benchmark your website performance regularly and react if something goes wrong. Our Performance Check gives you insight into what is happening with your website and how it’s performing. It’s the first step to solving your problems; the Performance Check tells you what they are. It gives you a breakdown of the factors affecting your website. You can see each individual factor and its grade, as well as receive recommendations on how to improve your website performance. You can also follow your website performance over time, marked on a timeline.

Link Monitor

Compare Our Monthly Website Maintenance Packages

24/7 Uptime monitor✔️✔️✔️
Cloud backupsDailyDailyHourly
Core, plugin & theme updates✔️✔️✔️
Database optimization✔️✔️✔️
Performance monitor✔️✔️✔️
Revision cleanup✔️✔️✔️
Security & malware monitor✔️✔️✔️
Spammy comment cleanup✔️✔️
User management✔️✔️
Domain/DNS support✔️✔️
Ecommerce support✔️
SEO keyword monitor✔️
Link monitor✔️
Add-on services discount0%10%15%
Client Portal access✔️✔️✔️
Email/ticket supportStandardStandardPriority
Monthly website report✔️✔️✔️
Monthly small tasks123
Monthly service time.5 hours2 hours4 hours
Web Hosting$25/moIncludedIncluded
Popup Design$35010% Off15% Off
Website Copy Refresh$47510% Off15% Off
Homepage Optimization$42510% Off15% Off
Stock Image Sourcing$50/ea10% Off15% Off
Image Optimization$37510% Off15% Off
Logo Design$57510% Off15% Off
Website Proofreading$25 per 500 words10% Off15% Off
Add-on hours$80/hr10% Off15% Off
Current as of: March 9, 2022

Prices are subject to change at any time based on the market rate for similar website maintenance and SEO services.

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