Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most commonly asked questions about WebsiteSteward.

What is WebsiteSteward?

WebsiteSteward is a WordPress website design, management, and website content updating service. We handle the most common website management tasks ranging from appearance, content updates, maintenance, optimization, and SEO. Our team is truly unique in that we have extensive experience in WordPress website design, website development, and a history of running successful websites and blogs.

How is WebsiteSteward different?

First, WebsiteSteward specializes in website care for nonprofits, universities, B-corporations, and social entrepreneurs aimed at making positive change in the world. Second, we handle a variety of WordPress maintenance tasks and also provide ongoing website support. Third, by standardizing our services, we are able to pass savings on to our clients by keeping our costs low and providing a faster turnaround.

What are some WordPress tasks you handle?

WebsiteSteward handles WordPress maintenance, content updates, and optimization for a variety of websites. We can perform most everyday website management tasks, including updating web page content, posts, meta descriptions, headers, footers, favicons, and perform common upkeep tasks. Please contact us if you have a question about a specific task you’d like us to perform.

What are the benefits of using WebsiteSteward?

We can save you 3.5 hours on average – or, the time it takes to get WordPress support, perform a content update, or maintenance update. And, we offer peace of mind knowing you have a personal WordPress expert available to handle your site’s most common maintenance items.

What if my small task is too big for WebsiteSteward?

If you order a WordPress small task and we find that your task is outside the scope of our service, we will issue you a 100% refund. If we find your task is too big for us to handle quickly, we will happily provide you with additional feedback or refund your payment.

What if my small task takes longer than expected?

If we accept your order and confirm that it meets our small task criteria, we will not charge you extra – even if we spend more than 30 minutes completing it.

What if you cannot complete my small task?

Sometimes we may hit a snag with a small task request after we accept it and start work. For example, let’s say we log into your WP admin dashboard and find that your problem is caused by a 3rd-party service or malware damage requiring several hours to repair. In a case like this, we will send you a detailed report and issue a 100% refund. The good news is that you will get a free diagnostic to help you understand the issue.

What if I find an error or mistake in your work?

If you spot an error, or we didn’t perform the task you requested, contact us and we will make it right.

Are there guidelines for writing my request?

When you submit a support request, you’ll be able to write a brief description about the task you’re asking us to complete. Please use brief and concise language when explaining your request.

Are there any websites you will not perform work on?

We absolutely WILL NOT work on websites that are offensive, racist, intolerant, hateful, or lack ethics. We also refuse to provide our service to anyone or any organization that demonstrates an attempt to solicit free work by requesting repeated re-do work.

Do you install any plugins to my website?

Yes, but we guarantee not to add “bloatware.” Once we receive and review your task request, we access your WordPress dashboard and install the WebsiteSteward plugin that lets us safely back up your site. Our plugin is compatible with WordPress and lets us quickly perform diagnostics and maintenance on your site.

Do you offer phone support?

While we do not offer phone support, customer service is a big priority for us, and you’ll find our email support quick and friendly! Our WordPress small task, website care, and website design services are set up to keep our pricing low, and it just makes more sense for us to handle our support via email.

How do I send you my website admin credentials?

You will be able to submit the necessary login credentials securely in the Client Portal. You can enter the username and password for the temporary administrator account you create for us.

What is cognitive diversity?

Cognitive diversity is the inclusion of people who have different ways of thinking, different viewpoints, and different skill sets in a team or business group. WebsiteSteward is owned and operated by people on the autism spectrum, and we are part of a grassroots movement by autism spectrum and/or neurodivergent individuals who identify with other marginalized sectors of society engaged in the same sort of struggle to establish basic rights and promote equality and open-mindedness. We’re also really dang good at helping people with their websites!